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Katie's China adventure

The fifth :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So today in China, we started off with some cooking lessons taught by a cook that I can only describe as the next iron chef. His resturuant was beautiful and the market we went to this morning for supplies was bursting with color. Not only that but mamoth sized fruits and vegetables seemed to stick out from no where. The best part though had to be making the dumplings with my group- TEAM BETA!!- where the staff of the resturuant found us histerical with our not-so-talented dumpling folding and broken chinese. Corey in particular was a hit, causing an actual crowd to form at our end of the table where all of us-including staff- were in stitches from Corey's excellent-cough- dumpling making skills ;) haha. And after, we got to eat our lovely creations which increadibly turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself.
Haha but anywaysss, after lunchin' it up we headed over to the mind blowing Birds Nest and Water cube. Two words, amazingness and wet. Very wet. First off, the Birds Nest was just Aw inspiring, and no one could really get over the fact that we were walking on the track people set records on, won golds on, and made one more mark in history on. It was truely something all of us just sunk our minds into. Haha but the Water Cube is where the wetness comes in. We didn't get to jump into the pool like we were plotting, but found a nice alternative in the huge water jet fountains that sprayed up from the groud. Corey our camera guy and our video guy got some great footage so of course they loved it. Teens acting like kids can make anyone smile.
And then the icing on top of the cake...SHOPPERTUNITY!! We all went wild at the art exhibits, taking pictures of highly political and somewhat dark sculptures and paintings, while also walking into laid back shops, looking at anything shiny and colorful. It was amazing, such a hidden and tucked away part of China, bursting with modern if disturbing graphics of things-the struggle of the working class, poverty, the ugly side of politics- and at the same time these pieces really make you stop and LOOK. They scream look at them, and that's what you do, as your on your way to a shop you pass by one of these pieces, stop, and SEE it. Its weird, but before I came to China I had no taste for this kind of art, but now I can't get enough. Score one for those artists, haha they took me down easy.
Anywaysss, this day was just like the others- it gave and gave and gave, and I'm sure there is more to come. And all I can say is BRING IT!!

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Karen Wells said...

I liked your comments about the struggles of the working class and poverty - something we saw a lot of in South Africa - and the fact that you were able to appreciate the art's message. Keep posting. I like reading all the blogs. Each offers its only special perspective.

Changing Connections said...

I appreciate your comment about this day being like so many others: it gave, and gave, and gave. That is the secret of a Discovery trip, and I can tell you that I will really want to go on one in the future.

You really make this trip interesting for me; I enjoy following your travels, even though they have been sweaty.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

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