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Monday, August 10, 2009

Today was amazing :) singing journey in the bus " Don't Stop Believing! " We could be professionals I swear. The main journey today was to the Shaolin temple and I have no clue what happend. One second we walked in- I felt fine right-suddenly the master monk starts talking in this melow, calm, soothing voice that suddenly made my eye lids lead. -no joke. It was like a spell. It was making me feel really worried. I started suddenly falling forward and I was FIGHTING to keep my eyes open. I knew they were glazed over and I was trying to keep them from rolling up into my head. I was drugged I swear! Monk voodoo!! Haha just kidding. But all of a sudden my head drooped and I was out for a second before I snapped my head up and was WIDE awake. Spookey. Haha it was so much fun though. So deep. Half the stuff he said made you want to go huge everyone around you and say I Love You! :) it was fun. Me likey. The girls were great and we all goofed off today as usual. Girls night again and of course were gonna bond over today. Sean is a ninja under cover agent we decided-one of our guides. And riley our main guide is a panda :) we love our staff and are gonna kick sdome butt at the kung fu school manana. Wacha!!! Watch out warriors, here we come!

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Karen Wells said...

What a great song choice on the bus - "Don't Stop Believing" in the power of the monk! I can literally feel your excitement. I think you entered a period of enlightenment without even knowing it. I LOVED your post today; it made me smile ( : Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Changing Connections said...


I do believe you were on your way to a meditative trance. It is a very different feeling, like going under just before surgery, but only better. I do yoga and meditate, and understand totally what you were describing. Not exhaustion, either. Very energizing, had you surrendered to the meditation.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

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