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Katie's China adventure


Saturday, August 8, 2009

We haven't had much chance to connect to the internet but we finally got it working tonight. Here are a couple pics.

1. We challenged a Tai Chi master to see if we could push him around.

2. Me, Tiffany and the New Jersey girls at the market.

3. Cooking class at a Du Wong restaurant. This top chef in Beijing took us to the market to see where chefs shop. Then we went to his restaurant and back into the kitchen where we learned to cook.


Changing Connections said...

Great pictures. Xiu xiu for sharing. Love the chefs.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN LC Blog Coordinator

Karen Wells said...

Thanks for uploading the photos. It helps us readers visualize. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Harv said...

Love the pictures! Especially the one with everyone in chef outfits. So cute!! Your Tai Chi moves are looking pretty pro too. Hope you are having fun learning kung fu. - Megan

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