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Katie's China adventure

First day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just finished the first china dinner and it was delicious. Very jet lagged and I think its safe to say all of us are feeling the affects. China is... Similar but different to the country I just left, and as much as I thought I would be culture shocked to the max, I amazingly am not. I mean, some stuff totally throws me wayyy off, like the fact I forget that people in this country don't speak english....and I start yapping at them expecting them to understand and then don't look to bright or respectful. I'm getting the hang of it though! Kinda... Tomorrow is the forbidden city and temples and more updates :) for now, sleeeeeeep

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Changing Connections said...

Hi nao, Katie,

Glad to see you have posted, despite jet lag. Interesting observations on cultural differences. Glad you are "getting the hang of it." Please do continue to post with lots of details and photos. I'm enjoying the China adventure.

RJ Stangherlin
PA Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

TechTonya said...

Hello, Katie!

Being a Discovery Adventure student, can be very exhausting. Please try to take advantage of down time. i can't wait to hear about your day tomorrow.

My little son, Thomas will be following your adventure. I am trying to teach him about blogging. He is 7yrs old. Keep the details coming.

Tonya Wilson, NJ DEN LC Events Team

Karen Wells said...

Katie, I'm glad to see you are getting some time to post. It is extremely difficult to find the time to post every day but do try! We are spending the last couple of weeks before school starts "visiting" China with you. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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